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Orly Lari (founder), Raz Klinghoffer, Itamar Goldwasser and Dima Grossman.


What If

EarlyRise is a band that was founded in 2009 by Orly Lari and Raz Klinghoffer. Orly then invited Itamar Goldwasser and Dima Grossman. In May 2011, they released their first album, titled "What If". Every song is about different emotions. The album has 13 songs on it: Become Mad, Leave Me Alone, What If, Memories, Old Friend, Face Me, China, Shell, Wasteland, Goodbye, Over, Junkie, and Falling to the Ground. On January the 1st, 2012, an acoustic version was released. On the 27th of March, Narcissistic Cannibal was released. Later on, on the 10th of November, Black and White was released.

Instruments and RolesEdit

Orly Lari - Lead singer and piano

Raz Klinghoffer - Guitar and music producer

Itamar Goldwasser - Drums

Dima Grossman - Bass

Album ArtEdit